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March 2023 Legislative Update from Blumenfeld and Associates, WSRT Policy Advisors

The following bills are being circulated in the Capitol.  These bills are in the draft stage and are subject to modifications. After the final version is made, these measures must go through the legislative process before they would become law.

  1. LRB 23-2403: Prelim Licenses for Health
    Sen. Cabral Guevara is circulating a draft bill that creates a preliminary license for health care credentials–including radiographers–at DSPS. Recent grads¬† (people who graduated within the last two years) who have been hired by a health care employer could apply for a preliminary license when they submit their permanent license request. The preliminary credential would expire once DSPS either grants or denies the permanent credential application.
  2. LRB 0117: Reciprocal License Recognition
    Sen. Jacque has a draft bill out that would allow individuals who are licensed out-of-state to apply to DSPS and the relevant credentialing board for a reciprocal Wisconsin credential.
  3. Senate Bill 121: Breast Cancer Supplemental Screening Bill
    Introduced by Senator Cabral Guevara would require health plans to cover without cost-sharing supplemental breast cancer screenings (MRI or Ultrasound) and diagnostic breast exams for women who meet increased risk criteria or who have dense breasts.